Reps. Budd, Cheney Introduce Bill to Revoke Sanctions Waivers for Countries Who Work with Iran’s Nuclear Program

Washington D.C. -- Today, U.S. Representative Ted Budd (R-NC) introduced H.R. 5086 along with Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and 21 other House members. The bill revokes sanctions waivers that allow foreign countries to work with Iran’s civil nuclear program without penalties. 

Rep. Budd said in a statement: 

“It’s imperative that the State Department stop issuing civil nuclear waivers for foreign countries who work with Iran’s nuclear program. These waivers sustain President Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal, allow Iran to build up its nuclear program, undermine the Trump Administration’s maximum pressure campaign, and legitimize the Iranian regime’s false narrative that their nuclear program is ‘peaceful '.  As a theocratic dictatorship, the Iranian regime is one that crushes all forms of dissent, executes its own citizens without due process, and forces all people to adhere to strict religious law. On top of this, the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei has repeatedly threatened to annihilate Israel and wipe the Jewish state off the map. A country like this must never be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons and America must continue to pressure Iran to give up its dangerous nuclear ambitions. I urge my colleagues at the State Department to stop granting sanctions waivers for countries that give Iran’s nuclear program financial lifelines. The Iran Nuclear Deal should be fully terminated, once and for all.”

Text of the bill can be found here

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