Rep. Budd introduces the Flexibility Through Lower Expenses Health Care (FLEX) Act

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Washington, September 25, 2019 | comments

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Representative Ted Budd (R-NC) released the following statement after introducing H.R. 4484, the Flexibility Through Lower Expenses Health Care (FLEX) Act along with Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD). The bill codifies into law the Trump Administration’s rules on Short Term Limited Duration Insurance (STLDI) and Association Health Plans (AHPs). Specifically, the bill allows small businesses to band together to purchase affordable plans and gives consumers the freedom to purchase low-cost, short-term plans if they need to. 

Rep. Budd said: "With each passing day, it gets clearer and clearer that Obamacare has become unaffordable for more and more Americans. Since the law went into effect, premiums for individual coverage have more than doubled, patient choice has declined and state exchanges have collapsed. This upheaval is the direct result of the law’s rigid and costly regulations that predated the Trump Administration. That’s why I introduced the FLEX Act. My bill reverses some of the damaging effects of Obamacare by lowering costs and increasing health care choices for more Americans. It’s time for Congress to make the Trump Administration’s reforms permanent. All citizens of our great country deserve affordable health insurance options that are free from Obamacare’s regulations.” 

Rep. Andy Harris said in a statement:

"As both a Member of Congress and a physician, it has become clear that certain provisions under the Affordable Care Act have simultaneously forced an increase in insurance premiums and a decrease in patient choice.  The FLEX Act, will help to rectify these issues for all Americans by codifying into law the Trump Administration’s rules on Short Term Limited Duration Insurance and Association Health Plans.  Specifically, our bill will not only allow individual small businesses and self-employed workers the opportunity to secure more affordable health insurance by banding together to act as one large employer, but also open the door for individuals to purchase temporary, affordable health insurance coverage for up to one year, eliminating the unnecessary three-month limitation the Obama Administration had previously put in place.  This legislation will provide the necessary flexibility and affordability that individuals, small businesses, and self-employed workers are seeking in their health insurance options, free of the strain and expense stemming from the current stifling and limiting options available under Obamacare.” 

The bill also has the support of prominent policy organizations: 

Tim Chapman, Executive Director of Heritage Action for America: 

"Rep. Budd's FLEX Act takes healthcare in the right direction by codifying the Trump Administration’s recent actions to expand the use of both short term and association health plans. Codifying these actions ensures that future administrations aren’t able to unilaterally undo the progress we’ve made on providing Americans with more choices when it comes to healthcare. Once again, Rep. Budd has proven his commitment to ensuring the people of North Carolina and all Americans are able to have healthcare options that best suit their unique needs.”

Text of the bill can be found here

Video of Rep. Budd signing the bill and sending it to the floor can be viewed here.

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