Rep. Budd Introduces Iron Dome Reinforcement Act

Washington, D.C.- U.S. Representative Ted Budd (NC-13) released the following statement after introducing the Iron Dome Reinforcement Act of 2019: 

"The Iron Dome Reinforcement Act of 2019 is important on several fronts, but the primary reason I introduced this legislation is that the idea of my tax dollars going to fund terrorism is repugnant to me. And as your representative, it makes my skin crawl to think your money might be used for that activity. 

"It has been estimated that between seven and ten percent of the Palestinian Authority’s budget is paid to families of jailed and ‘martyred’ terrorists. Since the mid-1990s, the United States has committed over $5 billion in bilateral economic and non-lethal aid to the Palestinians. 

"The Iron Dome Reinforcement Act of 2019 requires the Secretary of State to certify that no taxpayers’ funds are being used as payouts or pensions to the families of dead Palestinian terrorists like the Taylor Force Act. However, under my bill, if the Secretary cannot certify this, all funds sent to Palestinian authorities would be redirected to Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ program which protects their country from Palestinian terror attacks. 

"Taxpayers deserve more oversight on where these funds go, and if any additional funds are going to be sent to the Palestinians, the taxpayer should be confident they aren’t being used to subsidize terrorist attacks against Israel."

View the letter text HERE.

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