Rep. Budd Introduces Bill to Increase Virtual Apprenticeships

Washington D.C. – U.S. Representative Ted Budd (R-NC) released the following statement after introducing the Virtual Apprenticeship Tax Credit Act of 2019: 

“Almost half of employers across the U.S. have difficulties finding workers due to a lack of technical competencies. Unfortunately, the popular culture has ingrained in young people that a traditional associate or bachelor’s degree is the only viable post-high school option. However, this narrative is severely flawed, and this widespread notion, as well as the lack of diversity in alternative learning options, is part of the reason why there are nearly seven million unfilled jobs in our country today,” said Rep. Budd.

“Apprenticeship programs that facilitate workforce development – training youth with industry-specific technical skills – should be an integral part of the American education system.”

“I introduced this bill with the hope of incentivizing businesses to invest in the recruitment and training of a stronger and more competent workforce for future generations. By offering a tax credit to employers who invest in the funding of virtual apprenticeship programs, more diverse learning options will be available to students from all backgrounds,” Budd said.

Read the text of the bill HERE

Watch Rep. Budd sign the bill HERE

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