Washington -- Today, US Representative Ted Budd (R-NC) released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s threat to veto the government funding bill over the inclusion of funding for the Gateway Project, a rail upgrade between New York and New Jersey that is a top priority of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.  

“President Trump is absolutely right to threaten to veto the Gateway Giveaway.  The states involved are putting up zero percent of the money, and demanding the federal taxpayer pay for the entire $30 billion project.  Governor Christie cancelled this spending when it was his state on the hook, but called it a “triumph” now that the responsibility is on the federal taxpayer.   Now the cost has gone up by over 110 percent in just six years, and there’s no end in sight to the overruns. 

North Carolina taxpayers and taxpayers around the country shouldn’t be forced to write a blank check because of irresponsible state officials.  I congratulate the president on his leadership, and his willingness to make tough stands against flagrantly irresponsible spending.” 

Last year, Rep Budd offered a bipartisan amendment, cosponsored by Roger Williams (R-TX), and Paul Mitchell (R-MI) to eliminate the same $900 million earmark to the Gateway Project in the House Transportation bill.  House Republicans supported the amendment by a two to one margin. Earlier today, Rep. Budd published a scathing op-ed in the Wall Street Journal opposing funding for the project.” 

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