Budd and Sanford Introduce No Bonuses For Terrorist Act

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Washington, DC, February 1, 2017 | comments

Today, U.S. Representatives Ted Budd (R-NC) and Mark Sanford (R-SC) introduced H.R. 789 to ensure that U.S. taxpayer money will no longer go towards bonuses for terrorists. The No Bonuses for Terrorist Act of 2017 acknowledges and stops the practice of foreign aid going to fund acts of terror perpetrated against Israeli civilians.

“The news of President Obama’s last-minute transfer of $224 million to the Palestinian Authority is a clear reminder that we need to take every measure possible to ensure taxpayer dollars aren’t being used to reward acts of terror.

“Although our current law allows reductions in aid to the Palestinian Authority based on the amount of payments they make to terrorists and their families, they’ve found a way around this by giving to third party organizations - like the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

“This bill is simple. It would direct the Secretary of State to certify to Congress that the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian Liberation Organization have ceased all financial rewards to terrorists or their families. If the Secretary of State cannot certify this, our bill would redirect that money to Israel’s Iron Dome system,” said representative Ted Budd.

Reps. Mark Sanford and Ted Budd’s No Bonuses for Terrorist Act of 2017 is the strongest legislation yet to block any U.S. payment that will benefit terrorists or their families.

“To me, this is unacceptable. When the American people support other nations, our generosity shouldn’t be used to support terrorism in any way. And pausing these funds until we’re certain they aren’t being used as such seems like an obvious response to the problem,” said Representative Mark Sanford.

Representatives Budd and Sanford were joined in introducing H.R. 789 by the following original co-sponsors; Representatives Diane Black (R-TN), Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Mark Meadows (R-NC)


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