Rep. Ted Budd Helps Introduce Crucial Communism Teaching Act

Washington, D.C. -- Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) has helped to introduce H.R. 6123, the Crucial Communism Teaching Act. 

The legislation would authorize the congressionally-created Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation to develop a high school curriculum to educate students about the dangers of communism and totalitarianism.

The bill was originally introduced by Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL) and 60 other House members.

Rep. Budd said in a statement:

“The United States of America represents the greatest beacon of freedom and liberty in the history of the world. Communism teaches the exact opposite, the supremacy of the state and the systemic trampling of individual rights. We must instill American values into our children and teach them about the evils of communist and totalitarian forms of government. If we do not teach and learn from history, we will be bound to repeat it. I'd like to thank Rep. Salazar for her leadership on this important bill.” 

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