Rep. Ted Budd’s Fair & Open Competition Act Featured by Republican Policy Committee

Washington, D.C. -- Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) sat down with Republican Policy Committee Chairman Gary Palmer (R-AL) to discuss Rep. Budd’s efforts to ensure fair and open competition in government infrastructure projects.

They discussed Rep. Budd’s Fair Open Competition Act. Rep. Budd introduced this bill in February 2021 and submitted it as an amendment in June 2021. 

The video is below:

More information about Rep. Budd’s Fair & Open Competition Act:

This legislation would enhance competition and government neutrality towards labor relations in the following ways:

1.  This bill would prohibit federal agencies from either requiring or prohibiting a contract bidder to enter into an agreement with 1 or more labor organizations in order to be awarded a federal contract.

2.  Agencies that award grants, enter into contracts, or provide financial assistance for construction projects would have to ensure that bid specifications and project agreements do not contain any requirements or prohibitions regarding 1 or more PLAs.


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