Rep. Ted Budd Pushes to Ban Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Washington, D.C. -- Today, Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) spoke on the House floor in strong opposition to taxpayer funded abortion. He attempted to force the House to immediately consider and pass the H.R. 18: the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act, which would permanently prohibits the use of federal funds for abortions. House Democrats blocked the effort.

Video of Rep. Budd’s speech:

Text of Rep. Budd’s speech:

I rise today to defend the conscience of American taxpayers.

Since 1973, both sides of the aisle have agreed that taxpayers should not be forced to fund the taking of an unborn child’s life through abortion. This consensus was enshrined in the Hyde Amendment.

The Hyde Amendment has saved the lives of almost two and a half million children nationwide, including over 65,000 in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, President Biden and congressional Democrats have decided to abandon the Hyde Amendment in this year’s budget. This is a grave mistake that will cost the lives of more innocent children and therefore, it must be reversed.

So let’s show that this House stands with life, believes in science, and opposes the evil of abortion.

Madam Speaker, I ask for unanimous consent that the committees on Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means, and the Judiciary be discharged from further consideration of H.R. 18, and I ask for its immediate consideration in the House. 

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