Rep. Ted Budd Announces Opposition to Biden Stimulus Bill

Washington, D.C. -- Today, Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) announced his opposition to the $1.9 trillion Biden stimulus bill during a speech on the House floor.

Video of the speech is HERE.

The speech text is below (as prepared for delivery):

Over the past year, the government appropriated over $4 trillion in COVID relief. 

Now, we’re standing here this week debating whether or not to add another $2 trillion to that enormous total. 

But what should shock taxpayers across the country is that $1 trillion of COVID relief remains unspent. That means funding is still leftover from last December and even last March. That’s money the current administration has not spent for vaccines, testing, school reopening, and reopen our country.

I think people in Washington often forget that the dollars we’re debating aren’t ours to play with. This money belongs to the American people. 

It is not too much to ask what the current Administration plans to do with the $1 trillion in unspent taxpayer funds, especially before we toss another $2 trillion onto the pile. This is a basic question that would come up during a chat about a family budget, much less the government of the United States. 

Beyond the unspent funds, what the Democrat package does spend money on is yet another partisan wish list. 

This bill’s minimum wage increase would kill 1.4 million blue-collar jobs, and its unemployment insurance hike would incentivize workers to stay home.

Under this bill, stimulus checks would go to illegal immigrants. 

Under this bill, taxpayer funding for abortion is allowed, and Planned Parenthood is eligible for PPP loans. 

Under this bill, funding is allowed to flow to colleges and universities that partner with companies that are controlled by Communist China. 

Under this bill, $110 billion would be sent to schools, regardless if they reopen or not. There is no support for families who are desperate for educational options for their kids.

And of course, Democrats hid irrelevant spending in this bill, like environmental justice grants, $800 million in aid to other countries, and a $112 million earmark for a Big Tech subway in Silicon Valley.

Bottom line: We are again debating a liberal wish list disguised as COVID relief. The American people aren’t fooled by any of this. They see through the game. And they know that this town can and should do better. 

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