Rep. Ted Budd on Fox News: While America Suffers Under Biden’s Policies, Democrats Obsess Over Trump

This morning, Rep. Budd appeared on Fox & Friends First to discuss the Democrats' second impeachment of President Trump, why President Biden should be tough on China, and the Biden-induced crisis brewing at the border.

Rep. Budd on impeachment:

“They’re trying to impeach a private citizen. There is no due process.”

“There was no more evidence gathered. Trump was just exercising his First Amendment rights, not just as president but as a citizen at the time.”

“He said ‘peacefully’ protest. There was nothing about riots. And they’re not presenting any evidence of that fact.”

“What this shows is that the Democrats, even though President Trump is not even president right now, he’s a private citizen, they’re still obsessed with him. They’re wasting the country’s time again with another failed impeachment.”

Video HERE

Rep. Budd on China:

“We have to remember that China is not a force for good in the world.”

“This is a country that covered up COVID-19. They still operate concentration camps for the Uyghurs. They took over Hong Kong and they’re threatening Taiwan. We need to remember to be strong with them.”

“We need to remember to treat them like the adversary that they are.”

Video HERE

Rep. Budd on Biden’s immigration orders:

“What Biden is saying is basically it’s not illegal to come into the country illegally. 

“He’s already brought back catch and release.”

“He’s refused to deport illegals that commit DUIs.”

“He stopped building the border wall.”

“We need to remember that this is a major problem and he’s simply appeasing his left-wing base at the expense of public safety right now.”

Video HERE


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