Rep. Ted Budd Offers Amendments to Speed Up Vaccinations

Washington, D.C. -- Today, Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) offered two amendments to the Senate budget resolution to cut red tape, speed up vaccinations, and help defeat COVID-19.

Vaccinate More Americans Act amendment text HERE.

Expanding access to vaccines amendment text HERE.

Video of Rep. Budd’s speech on the House floor is HERE.

Rep. Budd’s prepared remarks on the House floor are below:

Lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines are going to waste. Seniors and frontline workers in my state have had their vaccine appointments forcibly cancelled. We have to do better. 

I have two amendments to this Budget Resolution that would address these issues, but the Majority has blocked a vote. Instead, we are passing a budget resolution to set up a trillion dollar spending bill.

My first amendment, the Vaccinate More Americans Act, would prevent leftover COVID vaccines from being wasted by allowing vaccine providers to administer shots to the next allocation group automatically.

My second amendment addresses an issue that affected over 10,000 North Carolinians, who had their vaccination appointments forcibly cancelled. This is unacceptable and something has to be done about it.

My amendment says that any state health department that receives vaccines, must distribute them in an equitable way without forcibly cancelling appointments. 

We should be fully addressing these issues as a body, instead of stuffing trillion-dollar bills into a rules package.

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