Message from Congressman Ted Budd:

I believe that our number one priority should be to get as many Americans back into the workforce as quickly as possible.

I’m extremely concerned with the backwards incentive that has been created through enhanced federal unemployment benefits. We have a record number of job openings while the workforce remains small. This tells me that federal policy is incentivizing folks to stay out of the workforce.

We can reverse that incentive through my Back to Work Bonus Act. It replaces Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) benefits with back to work bonuses to incentivize American workers to return to work and aid in the economic recovery. The cost of the bonuses would be taken from already appropriated FPUC funding, creating a net-cost savings.
All of the good intentions and government spending in the world cannot replace the productivity and dignity of a job.

Thank you and God Bless.

-- Ted

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Prominent North Carolina business groups have also expressed their support for the Back to Work Bonus Act. They are listed below:

Lynn Minges, President & CEO of the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association, said:

“Restaurants, bars, and hotels across North Carolina—once again busy and vibrant with happy customers—are a sign of the post-COVID comeback of North Carolina. These businesses are eager to hire new team members to help them fully re-open and to provide the incredible service guests expect. However, the labor shortage in North Carolina has reached critical levels and restaurants are having to shut their dining rooms for days, not due to restrictions but rather to lack of staff. The North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association supports Rep. Budd’s Back to Work Bonus Act to help encourage and incentivize as many people as possible to safely return to work.”

Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. said: 

“At Greater Winston Salem, Inc., one of our top priorities is transitioning from COVID relief into COVID recovery.  A critical element of recovery is safely reopening businesses and welcoming employees and customers back into spaces that have been closed for so long. We applaud Representative Budd for introducing the Back to Work Bonus Act. We believe this legislation can speed up our economic recovery, encourage individuals to reenter the workforce, and keep our region moving forward while ensuring that families have the resources they need.”

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